Adrine Karapetyan

A.KAR is a fashion brand rooted in the vibrant city of Los Angeles, known for its exquisite handcrafted handbags and jewelry that embody luxury and uniqueness. Adrine Karapetyan, a visionary fashion artist, is the mastermind behind these captivating creations. A.KAR by Adrine Karapetyan's accessories, handbags, and jewelry go beyond mere fashion items; they transcend into the realm of wearable art, initiating conversations and commanding attention in any crowd.

Adrine Karapetyan's passion for wearing something extraordinary and groundbreaking ignited her creative journey from a young age, eventually blossoming into her own couture fashion brand.

Each A.KAR signature felted wool "LAVASH" scarf is a masterpiece in its own right, meticulously handcrafted through a magical process. With nature's raw gifts of pure wool and silk, Adrine patiently layers these materials to form unique shapes with unexpected fabric textures that even surprise the designer herself. The scarf's distinctive form and the presence of artistic holes pay homage to the enchanting Armenian bread known as LAVASH, evoking a sense of everlasting magic. A.KAR's best-selling "Lavash" scarf makes for an exceptional gift, offering endless possibilities for personal style through its versatile holes and customizable wrapping techniques, truly capturing the essence of its namesake's mystique.

Drawing inspiration from the Armenian word "gorg," meaning "carpet," Adrine Karapetyan christened her signature A.KAR handbags as "GORG BAGS." These trendy, sought-after bags incorporate traditional carpet making techniques, resulting in a fabric that exudes cultural richness. The meticulously carved patterns and vibrant pops of color reflect the designer's fashion-forward approach and impeccable attention to detail.

Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing world of A.KAR's iconic BEETLE BROOCHES, meticulously handcrafted to perfection using a harmonious blend of embroidered natural stones, Swarovski fancy stones, crystals, chatons, beads, and pearls. Each brooch possesses a distinct personality, destined to find its rightful owner and effortlessly enhance any ensemble. With its ornate details and captivating colors, this brooch becomes the catalyst for engaging conversations, while the three-dimensional bug shapes convey a graceful impression of alighting on your shoulder. The complexity of the embroidery work beckons you to delve deeper, leaving an irresistible urge to examine its intricate craftsmanship up close.

What sets each piece apart is its exclusivity, embodying the designer's unwavering mission to pioneer the trends of tomorrow with every creation. Through skillful amalgamation of diverse techniques, A.KAR ensures that each handbag stands as a unique masterpiece, rendering replication an impossible feat. Revel in the allure of individuality as you embrace these one-of-a-kind accessories, as they redefine the boundaries of style and sophistication.